About Evolve Local Marketing

Premium digital marketing services priced for everyone

We’re all about growth here at Evolve — it’s right there in our name. We’re a small, dedicated team driven by the endless possibilities of web design and SEO to build stunning, impactful brands that don’t just stand out, but soar above the competition.

Part of growth is pushing boundaries, and one of the biggest barriers we’re looking to break down is cost. So many bright, brilliant, would-be business owners never get their ideas off the ground because they can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars into a website and SEO strategy. That’s why we at Evolve Local Marketing offer top-tier digital marketing at a fraction of what most marketing agencies charge. Because everyone should have the chance to evolve.

About Jessica Clark, the woman behind Evolve

Jessica Clark, Owner of Evolve Local Marketing In & Near Dalton, PA

As a long-time business owner, Jessica Clark knows firsthand that digital marketing can make or break your success. Her pet apparel and custom dog house company, Rockstar Puppy, has been going strong for over a decade, thanks to smart marketing strategy and a roster of celebrity clients that include Barbra Streisand, Jersey Shore’s “Jwoww,” and more. As word of mouth about Rockstar Puppy spread, it caught the eye of rapper 2 Chainz, and she was invited to be a guest on his show Most Expensivest. She went on to form a creative partnership with Denise Richards and the collaboration was included as an “iconic fantasy gift” in the exclusive Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts holiday 2019 catalog.

With Evolve, Clark is on a mission to offer top-flight local marketing In & Near Scranton, PA that can put this kind of success within reach of every brand that wants to put themselves on the map and power their next stage of growth.

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to the results we get for YOU
  • Get more leads! Expand your customer base and start racking up the sales with high-quality leads, funneled right to you.

  • Boost your brand awareness! Stand out from the competition with a beautiful, branded website that’s uniquely yours.

  • Soar to the top of SERPs! Improve your Google ranking so your website is the first thing they see.

  • Spend more time on your business! Get marketing off your plate and into the hands of experts. From logo design to pay-per-click, we take care of it all, so you can focus on the business.