How Can Social Media Help a Business Grow?

Social media has the potential to make your small business or startup popular within a short period of time. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn, you can use each of these to grow your business to new heights. A large number of your potential customers are already on these platforms. If social media marketing is not a part of your business’s overall marketing plan yet, you should include it without any further delay. Using social media in an effective way will popularize your brand, draw in customers and generate leads and sales.

First, you need to understand what social media actually means and how exactly you should use it to drive business growth.

What is SMM?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a unique form of marketing that involves connecting and engaging the target audience in a genuine manner in order to create awareness about a brand and increase sales.

If you plan to maximize results from your social media marketing efforts, you should take the right approach. Instead of looking at and using social media as a platform for direct marketing and sales, you should focus on the word ‘social’ more and try to build an attachment with the audience on a deeper level. You need to show (not tell) your potential customers that you really care about them and then, the website traffic and leads, and sales will come automatically.

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Tips to Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is not easy. When it comes to using social media platforms for business growth, you should not copy your competitors because this will not help. If you are a newbie or lack proper knowledge, you may not know how exactly social media platforms should be used. Given below are some of the most useful tips you can use for your social media efforts to bear fruit.

Target Audience

 Knowledge about your small business’s target audience is crucial to getting the most out of your social media marketing. In fact, you need to understand your audience as much as possible.


Before you start to use social media, you should know with full clarity what exact goals you plan to achieve. You may want to use social media platforms to popularize your small business, drive website traffic, boost sales, etc. You can also provide customer support via social media.


Based on the specific goals you want to achieve, you need to create a social media strategy. Your strategy will include all the essentials of how your small business or organization will use various social media platforms. Most businesses fail to see expected results from their social media marketing simply because they lack a proper and structured strategy. If you need help building a social media strategy that is unique to your business needs, feel free to reach out to one of our digital marketing services experts at Evolve Local Marketing.

The Right Platforms

Based on what you plan to achieve, every social media platform may not be ideal. Each social media platform is different in terms of the kind of users it has and how it operates. You need to use those channels where your target audience is present in a large number. Most of all, you need to develop a unique voice and tone for each platform you plan to use.


You will need a consistent supply of content in different formats and styles such as blog posts, images, videos, etc. You need to plan your content creation ahead of time. At the same time, you need to deliver all social media content at the right time while maintaining the right frequency.


You need to track the progress of your social media marketing efforts on a regular basis. It is crucial to know how many people you are able to reach, month after month. What kind of engagement is there? Based on these insights, you will be able to tweak your strategy further and achieve your business goals. You can use either free or paid tools to monitor progress.

Just like other forms of digital marketing, social media marketing also continues to evolve with time. There is plenty to learn in order to make more effective strategies to drive a better ROI. If you are in search of a local marketing agency in & near Scranton, PA to help you develop a well-structured social media strategy and manage all your campaigns in a proper manner, talk to one of our marketing experts.

Content Consistency is Key!

This must be reiterated that content consistency is key to your success on various social media platforms. When you provide your audience with quality content on a regular basis, it becomes easy to engage them. Content does not just attract the attention of the audience, but it turns them into paying and returning customers. So, whether you create social media posts, write blog posts, or respond to comments, you need to be consistent with your efforts.

Consistency also refers to the voice, tone, and style of your posts and content that you publish on social media platforms.

Need Help with Your Social Media Marketing?

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