SEO Trends 2022

The dynamism of the field of SEO keeps webmasters and search marketers on their toes. In order to ensure the long-term success of an SEO strategy, it is crucial to keep a close watch on the trends.

The big question is – Are you focusing on the SEO trends in 2022 and optimizing your search strategies to get the best results? Staying up to date with new trends enables us to use our resources, efforts, and time in an effective manner. At our local marketing agency in & near Scranton, PA, we always remain above the SEO trends as they change, come and go in order to deliver the most satisfying results to our clients.

Key SEO Trends You Should Watch Out For

Given below are some of the most important SEO trends, SEO pros and search engine marketers should look out for this year.

User Intent

For the last few years, user intent has been playing a crucial role in how to build a powerful search engine optimization strategy. In 2022, this continues to remain a top trend. In simple words, the term “user intent” shifts focus away from “SEO content” and places “content for users” front and center.

User intent

Google keeps fine-tuning its search algorithm so as to identify the actual intent behind a user’s search. So, no matter what type of words or terms the searcher uses, Google will try to bring the results as per their intent. Whether it is web content, blog posts,s or video content, SEO professionals need to build their strategies around the intent of the user and the most relevant keywords based on the same. It is about time that search engine marketers devoted more time to understanding search intent, specifically in connection with Google’s MUM update.

Content Quality

Google has made it amply clear over and over again that the quality of the content lies above everything else. Before you publish a piece of content, you should make sure it makes for fantastic reading.

Content quality

Stop looking at SEO as a quick-win game. Search engine optimization is a field that requires a holistic approach to generate long-term results. It is surprising to still see many indulge in short-term gain tactics and add tons of content as a means to mainly build links and create awareness overnight. While such tactics may offer some quick results, they will fall flat in the long term. For a search engine optimization strategy, whether local SEO or organic SEO, it is crucial to pay serious attention to content quality in order to stand out.

Marketers need to conduct extensive research and understand what the target audience actually wants and then come up with unique topics. Any content that you create should be fact-based and useful.

Visual Content

The digital world is becoming more and more visual. While developing visual content, the focus should be on originality.

Visual content

Websites and blogs with unique images will see a big boost in image and product search. This is something that content creators and marketers need to understand without wasting a minute. As web users become smarter, they can quickly tell real imagery from staged ones. Whether it is a regular Google search, Google Discover, or Google Lens, original images will play a big role and become an asset for businesses to capitalize on. Therefore, make sure you include powerful visual content in order to maximize your SEO efforts.


Mobile UX will remain a top trend in 2022. SEO professionals should continue to create better mobile page experiences.

Mobile UX

Mobile page experience is not something separate. In fact, it is now a vital component of the overall web experience. SEO professionals should plan and build a mobile page experience that makes it easy for the user to interact and engage as well as utilize the content on the page.

Sustainable SEO

The year 2022 is a year for building long-term search strategies. SEO professionals who focus on tricking algorithms and getting quick wins through short-term strategies should immediately shift gear to long-term SEO.

Sustainable SEO

Whether you operate a business locally or globally, you should focus all your efforts on improving the merits of your site and brand. If you plan to build a successful business, you can never afford to rely on short-term results from your SEO. At our Local Marketing Agency In & Near Scranton, PA, we strongly believe in building sustainable websites using a host of tactics to improve availability and optimize performance. To find out more about sustainable SEO, feel free to talk to one of our specialists.


You will see more automation this year. Whether it is a technical SEO audit or competitor analysis, SEO professionals will automate most of these tasks in order to save time and provide quality assurance.


The use of tools for analysis audits, and research has already been increasing since last year. The trend will continue in 2022 as well. Real-time SEO analysis and monitoring tools make it swift and easy to see what is working and spot mistakes before they turn into horror stories. More complex sites will have a higher need for automation to deal with technology gaps and scale execution in a swift and effective manner. In the near future, you should expect to see many more SEO professionals invest extensively in automation development.

Have a Question?

Whether or not your SEO efforts will see the light of the day depends on the kind of strategy you build and how you implement it. If you have a question in regard to what content searchers look for or what type of sites Google rewards, feel free to talk to one of our SEO experts at Evolve Local Marketing in & near Scranton, PA. With our SEO marketers by your side, you will be able to create sustainable, long-term SEO strategies and have them applied to your sites in a tactful manner.

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