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Local SEO and Marketing

Google works with local sites in a different way than it does with national or global sites. If you operate a small business in a particular location, you should make sure your site is properly optimized for local SEO.

Over 45% of all Google searches are for local information. That is why local search and marketing are very powerful for small businesses that offer services or sell products in a single location. However, local SEO services are not just for small physical businesses, but it also applies to medium-sized business and national brands. To enhance the presence of a local business in a geographic area, unique search engine methods and techniques are used by experienced marketers. Unless your site is optimized for local search, you will lose a lot of potential customers who are looking for a product you sell or a service that you provide in a particular location.

At our Local Marketing Agency In & Near Scranton, PA, we specialize in doing good, white-hat local SEO services in order to provide local businesses with higher visibility in search engine results and help their business get more customers. Our team of local SEO specialists uses a broad range of local search marketing techniques to take a local, unknown business into a popular household name in a particular area.

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We provide high quality services of Local Search Engine Optimization. It’s include:

  1. GMB Optimization
  2. Posts to Google My Business
  3. Online Directory Submission and Citations
  4. Creation of Local Pages
  5. Local Content
  6. Mobile-Friendly Website

1. GMB Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) services offer a highly effective way to maintain the online visibility of a small business on Google. Using this platform, you will be able to gain an extra edge over your competitors.

GMB optimization involves adding your business information and enhancing the listing for better online engagement. If you run a restaurant, toy shop, hair salon, massage therapy center, fashion boutique or pet shop in a single location, optimizing for GMB will bring your business multiple benefits.

At Evolve Local Marketing, we carry several years of experience in optimizing business listings for Google My Business. First, our SEO specialists gather all the essential details about your business and put it on GMB in a proper manner. Once the basic steps have been completed, our experts will then implement an action plan to optimize your listings for better local search visibility and conversions. This GMB optimization will help your business or enterprise expand its footprint locally. You should expect to see results within 30-240 days of the GMB optimization.

2. Posts to Google My Business

To keep your GMB page fresh and active, our SEO marketing specialists will add posts on a regular basis. In each post, we will add relevant photos, descriptions and call to actions to increase conversions.

Google My Business is a powerful and free tool that a business can use to advertise and market their products and service offerings to potential customers who are looking to shop in a particular location. By adding posts, you will see an increase in the funneling of customers to your website, blog or online store both from Google search results and Google Maps.

3. Online Directory Submission and Citations

In order to grow your small business, you need to make it easy for local customers to find your products and services. There are multiple online directories which help you achieve exactly that purpose.

Our local SEO and marketing experts will submit your business information to quality online directories including business directories and industry-specific sites. Directory submissions and local citations will increase the visibility of your business and help you get ahead of the competition. Higher rankings in local search results means getting more paying customers for your business. Our experts will also manage all the listings and ensure data accuracy for best results.

4. Creation of Local Pages

When it comes to local SEO services and marketing, it is crucial to add local pages to your business websites and blogs. Our research team will conduct extensive research to find out missed opportunities and design highly effective local pages so as to popularize your products and service offerings and draw in more customers who are interested in shopping in a geographic area.

5. Local Content

Content is the backbone of any form of SEO. But you will require a well-structured local content strategy to improve your site rankings in local search. Local content includes a variety of content including text, images and videos, all created to fulfill your specific business requirements for local SEO.

At Evolve Local Marketing, our specialists will first evaluate the specific needs of your local business and then develop an effective local content strategy to fulfill those needs. If you run your small business in a particular area or a zip code, you will certainly need to create different types of local content to target local residents. The local content will appear not just on your website and blog, but it will also appear on your landing pages and Google Business Profile among others.

6. Mobile-Friendly Website

Having a mobile-friendly website offers multiple benefits for all local businesses. If your website doesn’t render well on small devices, your customers will leave the website and turn to your competitors in your service areas.

With Evolve Local Marketing by your side, you will never lose customers who access and navigate your site through smaller devices. Our experts will transform your website and blog into fully mobile-friendly so as to help you cater to mobile customers in a proper manner. We specialize in creating website designs that offer a consistent experience to customers on any device. Best user experience, in turn, will increase the confidence of potential customers in your products and services and they will return to your local business over and over again.

Talk to a Local SEO Expert

If your business operates in a single location or serves a specific geographic location, you should always make sure your products and service offerings appear in local search results on Google and other major search engines. If you plan for a well-structured local SEO campaign, you should head straight to Evolve Local Marketing. Our experts will first assess what your exact needs are and then come up with the most ideal solutions to enhance the visibility of your local business. Though local search continues to change and evolve, we always stay up-to-date with the most important signals to provide you with the best local SEO results.

For your free local SEO consultation In & Near Scranton, PA, feel free to give our office a phone call at (570)-818-5097 or write us an email using the contact form below.

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