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Logo Design

Do you need a logo designed for your company? Do you know where to find the best logo designer? Look no further! With our logo design services in & near Scranton, PA, we will make sure your brand is noticed by a broader audience. We have some amazing examples in our portfolio that will help you decide whether our services are right for you. Contact our logo design company today to discuss your needs. Let’s make you our next happy client!

What is a logo, and how do you create one?

Your brand mark or logo is a visual representation of your company or brand. It helps you create your visual identity. Logos can be anything – symbols, texts, or a combination of both. Professional logos serve two purposes: to represent your brand’s identity and to express your company’s values. They should also tell your audience what your company stands for. Depending on your professional logo design needs, you can design a simple or complex free logo. But your logo should also be meaningful. A reputable logo design company, such as Evolve Local Marketing In & Near Scranton, PA, takes the time to design a logo that captures the attention of your audience.

Additionally, your business logo is a powerful tool for attracting and engaging your target audience, as well as boosting brand loyalty. Creating a unique logo does not have to be expensive with our custom logo design services. We will create a logo that suits your budget.

Make a powerful first impression with an attractive logo

Providing unsurpassed services is of course your top priority, but you can think of an attractive logo as a support system, helping you gain visibility among your target audience. An eye-catching logo can quickly grab the attention of viewers and convey your company’s core values in an innovative way. We understand the importance of having a unique and appealing logo design that establishes a professional image for a business. It is our goal to create a logo for each client that is unique, so we encourage our designers to think outside the box. They put their hearts and souls into your project to create designs your audience loves. With our exceptional logo design services in & near Scranton, PA, we have helped clients establish a powerful brand identity and leave their audience mesmerized, no matter what industry they are in. To get noticed, a logo must be unique, and we understand how to do that. Nothing less than perfection is delivered to our clients!

A logo is not simply something you need to have for the sake of having one. A logo can effectively communicate your company’s objectives. Also, it will arouse the audience’s interest and encourage them to learn more about your services. We offer top-class business logo design services that will enhance your brand’s visibility. Using the information you have provided us about your brand, our professional logo designers develop a logo based on an analysis of your business. We always wait until you are satisfied with the design before moving on to the next step. The goal is to identify what your target market is interested in.

Logo Design Process

Gathering information

We begin by conducting extensive research on your niche norms and the expectations of your target audience. We can then come up with unconventional strategies to suit your logo design needs.

Idea Formation

Our designers create multiple concepts for you based on the research data and brief you provide. We share these logo design ideas with you so that you can narrow them down to one that will deliver the best results for your brand. Throughout the project, the finalized concept prevails.

Color Selection

Color selection is crucial to ensuring your audience perceives your brand correctly. It is through colors that you can communicate your brand’s message to your audience and build trust with them. You and your design consultant will discuss the color of your design once you have chosen an idea.


To give you a preview of what your final project will look like, a draft of your project is created by the designer assigned to your project. A draft has to be viewed in light of the purpose it is intended to serve. Your project can be optimized to the perfection that you have envisioned.


Our experts tweak the designs based on your feedback. During this last step, all the necessary changes can be made from font style, and color, to design elements.

Project Finalization

We will carry out all the changes you have requested in your designs after you have communicated them to us. To make sure that your brand’s message is delivered to your audience in the right way, we guarantee complete customization for all projects.

Enhance your Brand Identity with our Business Logo Design!

We know the significance of brand logo design because it is the foundation of a successful brand. We have served many brands around the world. Count on our local marketing agency in Scranton, PA, for a top-notch logo design. Fill the form below or call us at (570) 818-5097 now!