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Pay Per Click

PPC or pay per click is a fast and effective way of putting your products and services in front of potential customers. If you plan to immediately expand your search engine visibility and generate clicks to your website, pay per click marketing is the ideal route to take. According to research, online users tend to click on paid ads more than they respond to any other form of digital advertising. Therefore, PPC offers an excellent opportunity for different types of businesses to grow and popularize their brand over a short period of time.

At our Local Marketing Agency In & Near Scranton, PA, we specialize in managing a wide range of PPC campaigns for different types and sizes of business.

We provide high-quality services with management of Social Advertising, Display Advertising, Meta Advertising, also Contextual and Social PPC Campaigns In & Near Scranton, PA. It includes:

  1. Account organization / structure
  2. Budget Assignment
  3. Quality score
  4. Keyword coverage

Grow Your Brand with PPC Advertising

Though the digital landscape is a goldmine of opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs, it is also extremely competitive. These days, you will find almost every business, no matter how small, on the internet. Each one of them is constantly vying to attract eyeballs and get more customers. If your small business or company is still struggling to make progress, you should definitely invest in PPC marketing with the help of a professional marketing agency.

As a startup or small business, you will come across a multitude of challenges in the digital world. Right from stiff competition and ad blockers to ever-evolving customer demands to varying market trends, the task to expand the online visibility of your business will seem like an uphill battle.

A few years back, social media marketing was not just easier but also cheaper. But most social media giants have made big changes to how their algorithms work. As a result of this, the organic reach of the content has reduced dramatically. Today, you need to put in a great deal of effort to maximize results from marketing through various social media platforms. In such a scenario, PPC advertising has emerged as a boon for businesses. It is only that you need to develop effective pay per click campaigns so as to get more while paying less.

The best thing about PPC advertising is that you have the remote control of how much you are willing to spend and get your product and service offerings in front of potential customers at the right time.

Leverage PPC to Generate More Leads

Though PPC is a highly effective lead generation tool, it is not the same for every type of business. This means you will first need to find whether this type of digital advertising is ideal for your business and then develop well-structured and strategic PPC campaigns to get the desired results.

Throughout the years, Evolve Local Marketing has mastered how PPC works and delivers the best results for different types of businesses. If you plan to position your brand in front of the right type of customers and propel your lead generation, our PPC experts will create highly effective strategies and develop campaigns that get the most out of this advertising method. Our internet marketing experts will employ PPC in a way that elevates your business to new heights. With the creation of high quality ads and bringing the pay per click costs down, our PPC specialists will deliver greater click-through rates for quality leads.

How Pay Per Click Works

The paid search model works in the same way as its name suggests. Every time an online user clicks on your company or product ad and goes to your website, the search engine charges you a small fee.

However, it requires a great deal of experience to design PPC campaigns that do not cost you a lot of money. But well-designed pay per click advertising campaigns pay great dividends. If the campaign is designed by an expert, you will need to pay a trivial fee for every click. For example, if you pay $5 for a click and it brings you a sale worth $150, PPC is definitely the way to go. The good news is that pay per click advertising is a win-win for everyone – the searcher, the advertiser and the search engine. Major search engines such as Google reward PPC campaigns with high quality ads as well as the highest bidders for that space.

Since there are different types of PPC ads, it is crucial to determine which one will suit your business the most. Various types of PPC ads include Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Ads, Remarketing Ads, Google Shopping Ads etc. Our pay per click experts will work closely with your team and find out which PPC ads you should run to fill up your sales funnel and boost revenue.

Talk to a PPC Specialist

If you plan to maximize results from keyword-based PPC advertising, you should head straight to Evolve Local Marketing In & Near Scranton, PA. Our specialists will analyze a broad range of keywords in terms of search volume, difficulty and competition level in order to determine the most important search terms and phrases for your campaign and deliver high CTR (click-through rates). Our goal is to develop campaigns that are relevant to your target audience and draw in lots of customers to your business while keeping the PPC management expenses down.

For your free consultation with one of our PPC specialists, you can give our office a quick phone call at (570) 818-5097 or write us an email with contact form below.

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