What Are the 3 Types of Web Design?

The benefits of having a business website are well-known. If you do not have a website to represent your business on the web yet, you should seek the expert help of a website design company or web development agency to create one without any delay. The biggest benefit of having a website is that you help customers find your business anytime and anywhere. But do you know what type of website is ideal for the type of business you operate? When you start learning about web design, you will come to know about different types of web design. You should always select a web design that is best for your business or startup.

When it comes to web design, Evolve Marketing in & near Scranton, PA has all the answers you might be looking for. In this article, we’ll cover three main types of website design to make it easy for you to choose the right one for yourself.

Static Web Design

One of the most basic web designs is that of a static website. Static web design refers to a website that has only a few pages with simple features. The design is called static because the information presented on such a website does not change. A web design company or a web design professional takes the least amount of time to create and build a static website.

If you have a small budget and want to launch a simple website as fast as possible, you should go for static web design. You do not need to plan several pages to build a static website. You can create a static website with just 3-4 pages (Home, About Us, Services, Contact). Since these websites have a simple design, they are also easy for the major search engines to crawl. Having a static website is ideal even when you plan to run a promotion for a limited period of time. Web design professionals use HTML, CSS, and Java to build static websites.

One difficulty with static websites is that they require manual updating, which can take a significant amount of time and effort.

Dynamic Web Design

The purpose of designing a dynamic website is to provide content as per the needs of the user. Based on the viewer, time of day, the timezone, and language settings, the information changes in real time.

Unlike a static website, the information and data on a dynamic website are updated automatically. The design of a dynamic website is created using a CMS (Content Management System) platform such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. These websites have complex designs and lots of features. That is exactly why it takes a lot of time to complete a dynamic web design project. The feature of a dynamic website to deliver unique content to visitors comes from two types of coding or scripting: client-side scripting and server-side scripting. Dynamic web design is also referred to as CMS web design or database-driven website design.

There are multiple benefits of dynamic web design, both from the audience and the business points of view. More personalized browning, better user experience, and a modern and professional look are some of the key features of a dynamic website. For more information on these websites, feel free to talk to one of our web design specialists in & near Scranton, PA at Evolve Local Marketing.

E-Commerce Web Design

An e-commerce web design or website is the online version of a traditional store. If you sell products online or operate a physical store, you will need to create an e-store to sell digitally to consumers.

A great deal of conceptualization and planning is required to build an e-commerce website or online store. Most of the time goes into how the content and products should be arranged for an effective online display. A good e-commerce web design provides a better experience to users, as a better experience will ultimately lead to a higher number of sales. Two main features of such a website are a listing of products and a payment gateway. After the consumer has found a product, he or she will add it to the shopping cart and finally enter their payment details to complete the purchase. This is where the security of customer data becomes a crucial concern. On an e-commerce website, you will be able to securely store all the product information, translation details, and order management.

Amazon and eBay are two popular examples of e-commerce website design. It takes the longest time to build an e-commerce website. Based on exactly how large the project is, it can take anywhere between 3-12 months to complete the web design project. To find out more about e-commerce web design, get in touch with one of our web design experts in & near Scranton, PA at Evolve Local Marketing.

Do You Need a Website for Your Business?

The purpose of designing a business website is to expand online visibility, attract more customers, and boost lead generation. That is why it is important to choose the right type of web design for your needs. The best advice is to speak to a web design specialist or a web development agency to have your key questions answered and make a wise and informed decision. At Evolve Local Marketing in & near Scranton, PA we specialize in static, dynamic, and e-commerce web design and cater to the web design needs of a wide range of clients from multiple industries. Let us help you create a website that is a great match for the specific needs of your business.

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