What is Google Guaranteed? Is it Worth It?

Are you aware of a certification program called “Google Guaranteed?” If you operate a small or medium-sized business, chances are you have heard this term at a marketing event or seminar. When customers look for a product or service online, what they need most is a guarantee that they are putting the money in the right place. For this reason, they often go through online reviews and the GMB profile of a local business as well as use other means such as personal recommendations. Customers will never want to invest in a product or service they cannot trust.

This is exactly where obtaining the Google Guarantee certification comes into play. The certification is a way to provide validation for a product or service and earn the customer’s trust. Let us find out in detail what Google Guarantee exactly means and whether the certification is worth it.


What is Google Guarantee?

Google guarantee is a certification program that is designed by Google to increase a customer’s trust in a local business. Getting this badge means Google has verified your business against some high standards.

Google Guarantee

When it comes to buying products or hiring services online, a customer comes across an overwhelming number of options, so much so that he or she finds it hard to make the right decision. A small or medium-sized local business with a Google guarantee badge tells the customer that they can trust the company because Google has verified the company in terms of background, liability, and insurance. Then, it becomes easy for customers online to make a decision.


How Does it Work?

Before a small or medium-sized business can obtain the Google Guarantee badge, the business has to go through a complete background check. Whether it is the owners or the field workers employed in the business, Google will perform a background check on all of them. Screening of all the employees in a company can take several weeks or even months to complete.

If you operate in an industry where insurance and licensing are essential requirements, then Google will conduct verification for these as well. You will need to furnish proof of the same. Once Google has conducted the screening process in a proper manner, you will obtain the certification.

Through the Google Guarantee certification, Google does an excellent job of protecting customers’ interests and increasing their confidence and trust in a particular company or business. As per the Google Guarantee policy for paid results, Google may decide to refund a customer, if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of your service. If a customer is unhappy and files a claim, Google will get in touch with you in order to find an appropriate solution to the dispute. This is why customers always trust a company or service provider with Google Guarantee.


Is a Google Guarantee Badge Good for Your Business?

Now that you have understood what a Google Guarantee badge is and how it works, the big question is whether you should sign up for this certification. Given below are some of the pros of getting the badge.

Google Guarantee

Higher Visibility: One of the key advantages of obtaining a Google Guarantee badge is that you will get higher visibility in SERPs. Having your local business appear at the top of search engine result pages means you will attract more customers and generate a higher number of leads online.

Earn Customer’s Trust: The badge tells customers that your local business has been verified by Google. This increases the legitimacy of your business and helps customers make well-informed decisions.

Get an Extra Edge: No matter what niche or industry you operate in, you will likely need to compete with a number of other local businesses similar to yours. Stiff competition makes it hard for your business to stand out. A Google Guarantee badge is a surefire way to quickly stand out. When customers trust you more, you definitely have an extra edge over the competition.

These are some of the pros of getting a Google Guarantee certification. The good news is that local businesses with an LSA account will not need to pay for a badge. Plus, you will get more quality leads. For further details in this regard, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at our local marketing agency In & Near Scranton, PA.

So, Is it Worth it?

If you are a local business that is struggling to draw in more customers as a result of stiff competition, obtaining a Google Guaranteed badge will help you. The badge helps you quickly stand out in the midst of all the competition out there. After you have obtained the badge, you will also need to maintain the certification by responding to customers in a timely manner. If you are unable to maintain the status, you may run the risk of losing the badge altogether.

Also, keep in mind that obtaining a Google Guarantee badge can take some time due to the long verification done by Google. How much time the verification process will take depends on the size of your business.


Let Us Help You Get a Google Guarantee Badge

At Evolve Local Marketing In & Near Scranton, PA, we help a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses obtain the badge as well as hold on to it so that you can generate as many leads as possible. Our search engine marketers will walk you through every step of the process to get the badge in a hassle-free manner. With our experts by your side, you will also be able to easily track all the paid ad leads and even dispute bad leads or fake spam calls with Google so your money is not wasted.

For your free consultation with one of our SEM experts in Scranton, you can give us a phone call at (570) 818-5097 or write us an email using the contact form below.

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